Article in The Music Magazine Melbourne May 3 2017

Joshua Batten has played music most of his life, working as a solo artist over the past five years before putting together a band to record his debut album Searching For Answers. 

"Blues singer/songwriter Mike Elrington reached out to me via Facebook and offered to produce the record with his friend Sean O'Sullivan at Highway 9 Studios," explains Batten. "As both Mike and Sean had real faith in the material, it seemed like a perfect match. The entire recording experience was new to me, so that in itself was pretty inspirational. Hearing the songs come to life in the studio was a dream come true... I am a perfectionist by nature, so I really wanted to make sure the songs sounded perfect. 

"The songs on the album don't follow a unified concept, but there is a very personal aspect to the lyrics. They reflect my unique perspective on topics such as social interaction and the changing landscape in which we communicate. Nobody Understands Me is a personal highlight for me, as it's the most autobiographical of all the songs, and I was particularly amazed with how well I was able to transfer the arrangement from a loop-heavy acoustic tune to a thumping band jam."

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